Dedication of Gate At The Main Entrance To Beersheba Primary School (Government Leased) – Vincent Samuels

As a result of the philanthropy of Councillor Cyril Martin, Member Parish Council, New market Parochial Division and Dr. Trevor Hamilton, International Management Consultant of Trevor Hamilton Associates and Beersheba Primary School Alumnus, one of two broken down concrete columns on which a rusted dilapidated metal gate was partially mounted, has been replaced with a new double metal gate that was manufactured and installed by Benton Blair, Master Welder, at a cost of JMD 80,000.00.

The broken down column to which the rusted dilapidated metal gate was partially mounted that became an eye sore in Beersheba School Community has been in this unsatisfactory condition for many years...

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BOSA Announces The Home Going of Edwin “Pun” Pryce

Edwin Pryce Photo

It is with much sad regret that Beersheba Old Students Association (BOSA) announces the home going of Edwin “Pun” Pryce, Beersheba Primary School Alumnus, Icon, and the oldest resident in Carr District, New Market, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies.
Edwin “Pun” Pryce who was admitted as a patient in Black River Public General Hospital where his health steadily declined during the length of time he was hospitalized at the institution, passed away on October 18, 2014 at age 92 years.
As one of the primary resource whom Vincent Samuels interviewed on two occasions to get information about the life and person of James “Dick” Richards (1872-1965) whom Edwin “Pun” Pryce knew quite well. Mr...

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PAYMA$TER Jamaica’s First Multi-Payment Agency Comes To New Market – Vincent Samuels

In keeping with its desire that some form of Bill Payment/Money Remittance Service should be provided to serve the people who reside in several districts that make up the impoverished peasant farming community in New Market, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies, Beersheba Old Students Association (BOSA) is pleased to announce and make everyone in New Market Community, elsewhere in Jamaica and the Diaspora aware, that PAYMA$TER, the innovative payment service that is independently owned and operated as franchises under strict standards that are consistent with the vision on its conceptualizer, Managing Director and Founder Ms. Audrey Marks, MBA, BSc, has opened its door to the people in New Market Community.

Although PAYMA$TER Services that are currently offered at the new outlet in New Mar...

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Hundreds Of Mourners Attend Thanksgiving Service For Pastor Horace A. Thompson, JP And Educator Extraordinaire – Vincent Samuels

Hundreds of mourners from a wide cross section of the Jamaican Society and the Diaspora, attended Thanksgiving Service that was held at Emmaus Gospel Chapel, Balaclava, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies for the late Pastor Horace A. Thompson, JP and Educator Extraordinaire (Retired School Principal) who passed away peacefully at his home at Retirement near Maggoty, Saint Elizabeth on September 18, 2014 at the age of 85+ years after a long illness.

Pastor Horace A. Thompson
Pastor Horace A. Thompson, JP was remembered in glowing tributes that were showered on him at the Thanksgiving Service...

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BOSA Newsletter Volume 19 October 2014

“Only The Best Is Good Enough”

Volume 19 October 2014

Produced by: Beersheba Old Students Association (BOSA)
Beersheba Primary School (Government Leased)
New Market P.O., Saint Elizabeth
Jamaica, West Indies

Officers: Glenis Daley, President
Victor Smith, Vice President
Vincent Samuels, Secretary/Treasurer, Newsletter Editor/Producer
Ann Hamilton, Assistant Secretary

In keeping with the decision of Beersheba Old Students Association (BOSA) to support a paperless friendly environment and go green, effective from Volume 16 of its newsletter, the Association will no longer list in its newsletter the names of Beersheba Primary School Alumni that have passed on.

All Beersheba Primary...

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BOSA Formulates Strategic Plan To Turn Around Beersheba Primary School

Against the backdrop of seven (7) enrolled students at Beersheba Primary School, New Market, Saint Elizabeth migrating from the School across the Parish Border to New Roads All Age School, Westmoreland at the beginning of the New School year in September 2014 and eight (8) students who graduated from Beersheba early Childhood Institution bye-passing Beersheba Primary School for New Roads All Age School, Beersheba Old Students Association (BOSA) deduced from the strange phenomenon, that Parents in Beersheba Primary School Community have rejected the Education Product that is currently being offered at Beersheba Primary School.

Cognizant that the current student population of 82 and an Academic Teaching Staff of 6 has placed Beersheba Primary School in crisis, Dr. Trevor Hamilton, Internatio...

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Annual BOSA Back To School Church Service – Vincent Samuels

High School Students 3

As a follow up to The Annual BOSA Back To School Students Dinner at which twenty-three students and their Parents/Guardians were feted at Gold Spoon Restaurant, Intown Plaza, School Street, Black River, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies on Saturday, August 9, 2014, The Annual BOSA Back To School Church Service  was held at The Salvation Army Carr Corp, Carr District, New Market, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies on Sunday, August 31, 2014 commencing at 11:00AM.

All High School Students who attend the Church Service accompanied by their Parents and Guardians, wore uniforms of various High Schools that they will attend at the beginning of the New School Year in September 2014...

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Launching Of The Book From Beersheba To Bermuda A Tremendous Success

Vin Cover 2

Against the backdrop of a variety of cultural presentations that were held on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at which Councillor Donal Smith, Deputy Mayor and Alderman of the City of Hamilton, Bermuda and four other Dignitaries from Bermuda, His Worship the Mayor of Black River and Chairman Saint Elizabeth Parish Council Councillor Everton Fisher, Councillor Cyril Martin, Member parish Council, New Market Parochial Division and other officials sat on the same aged wooden platform in the main auditorium at Beersheba Primary School from which James “Dick” Richards (1872-1965) was taught as a student, torrential showers of rain that fell in the area all the way down to town of Black River, did not thwart the festive occasion or launching and signing of the book FROM BEERSHEBA TO BERMUDA THAT WAS H...

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Shanisa Jones Has Done It Again! – Vincent Samuels

back to school Shanisa receiving phone

Notwithstanding the victimization that Shanisa Jones, from Flint Valley, New Market, Saint Elizabeth has received from the tyrannically rule oligarchy Administration at Beersheba Primary School (new Trustee for James Richards Educational Trust Fund) that has denied her benefit as qualified beneficiary of the Trust Fund, Shanisa for whom Beersheba Old Students Association (BOSA) has been a safety net and the wind beneath her wing since the Ministry of Education placed her at Saint Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) in September 2009 as a result of her excellent academic performance in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), has done it again!

Shanisa who has consistently maintained an excellent academic average of 85 from grades 7 – 11, has been successful in her CXC Examination wit...

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BOSA Announces The Home Going Of Artimus “Pusso” Smith – Vincent Samuels

Artismus Smith

It is with much sad regret that Beersheba Old Students Association (BOSA) announces the homegoing of yet another Beersheba Elementary School Alumnus.

Artimus “Pusso” Smith, age 92 years of Ruinit, New savannah, New market, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies, passed away in Black River Public General Hospital on July 13, 2014 after he was admitted to the hospital two weeks earlier suffering from a stroke.

Artimus whose wife Iris predeceased him 18 years ago, leaves behind children Nadine, Lovel, Dennis, Darian, Puduse and Melda; grand and great-grandchildren, other relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

Thanksgiving Service for the life of Artie “Posso” Smith will be held at Beersheba Moravian Church on Saturday, August 2, 2014 commencing at 11:00 a.m...

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